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"I've had the privilege of working with Mr. Jeremy Williamson in the production of a recruitment video for students to Georgia Regents University College of Dental Medicine (GRU). Working with Jeremy was a terrific experience! He was so enthusiastic about the project, offering creative ideas and suggestions on how best to reach out to high school and college students.

He was very responsive to our needs and eager to provide his time and energy to develop dialog and schedules for filming. He worked with our schedule and our students' to capture meaningful footage that conveyed just the messages we were hoping for.


Jeremy was very sensitive to deadlines and immediately responsive when needed. The finished product is edgy and dynamic, the right blend of graphics and vignettes with key individuals. He is a first class editor and knows how to keep the action flowing, providing our message without having the video become labored or dull. He merged relevant information and humor very effectively. Audience reception has been GREAT! We are pleased with the impact. In fact, we are so pleased that we are in the process of developing a contract with Jeremy for a whole series of "how-to" videos related to preparing and applying to dental school!"

Carole Hanes, DMD

Associate Dean for Students, Admissions and Alumni

Georgia Regents University

College of Dental Medicine


"Jeremy captured the sentiment of every special moment in our son's wedding beautifully. He definitely displays an artist's touch with an eye for detail! We enjoyed his enthusiasm, his attentiveness to our ideas, and his consideration of the bride, groom, and families. We especially appreciated his flexibility in providing options that would best meet our needs. The finished product was worth much more than the investment made in his services and will be enjoyed for years to come."

Rusty and Ann Marsh

Parents of groom for Wedding Video Project


"Jeremy did an amazing job as videographer for my wedding. He is great fun to work with, tons of energy and enthusiasm for his work, and does it well. I hired Jeremy to take video of my wife and I's wedding ceremony in November and for which he put together a touching highlight video to share at our later reception. Jeremy, great job and thank you!

**Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative"

Chris and Nhan Marsh


"Working on the song “Rewind” with Jmiah was a lot of fun. Jmiah is ALWAYS full of energy, ideas and creativity. He knows what he wants yet is open to suggestions which makes him a pleasure to work with.”

Carrel Davis

Music Producer, Programmer, Songwriter


“Jeremy did several commercial spots for us, and when we submitted the first to our local TV station, they said it was one of THE BEST commercials ever produced on their network.”

Carson Maneval




"Great pod-cast full of great content, well produced with a charm that is hard to find in most shows. Episodes never overstay their welcome and it always leaves you wanting even more, which for this fan, is fantastic."

-Bombad Radio

“Jeremy is like the JIMMY FALLON of the Star Wars Fandom."

-Johnny Grasso

“Jeremy's southern charm added with his kid-like excitement for everything Star Wars brings out amazing questions with in-depth answers from his guests! It's like C-3PO telling a story to the ewoks as they sit there in awe! And that's not just Jeremy lol but the whole audience listening! I only wish they were longer! Lol I can't wait to hear more!!!”


“This is a new day, a new beginning.” – Ahsoka Tano

“Such a fun pod-cast for fans and by fans. JMIAH is both a funny and insightful voice in the Star Wars fandom community.”


"This show is great. It's not a boring conversation between 2 or 3 guys hanging out. This show is interesting, with it's interviews, it's topics, and is EXTREMELY well produced! Give it a listen. You won't regret it!"

-G Baer

"Star Wars Exposé isn't even just a pod-cast anymore. It's a full-fledge radio show, of sorts."

-Brandon Fields

"Funtastically upbeat & a professional level audio/sound effects! This truly is a pod-cast in a class all its own. Jeremy has a southern hospitality with an added kick of contemporary flair and brings an entertaining show to the Star Wars community."


"I started listening to the pod-cast a few months ago and I LOVE IT! The topics are great, informative and always make me laugh. When it comes to Star Wars, Jeremy Williamson is BRILLIANT! His passion, creativity, and sense of humor are brought forth in every episode. The Star Wars Exposé pod-cast is truly a "FORCE" to be reckoned with."


PODCAST (2015-2016)


“Jeremy was and is an excellent guy. As a guy that's never done an actual photo-shoot and who was very nervous, he was able to make me feel very comfortable and ultimately had a lot of fun. Not only was the photo-shoot awesome, he was easy to talk too, was a great motivator and inspired me a lot. I would definitely recommend him to others. Shortly put, excellent guy.”

Gerard Garcia

Real Estate Agent

“I love how my photo-shoot went and not just with the pictures, but Jeremy also. He even made me feel relaxed while having fun!”

Taylor McChesney

Real Estate Agent

“I've known Jeremy since high school and I've always loved his amazing and outgoing personality that simply lit up the room every time he was around! In fact I don't believe I've ever met anyone else with his charm, humor,and inspirational way of changing the vibes from negative to positive within just a few minutes! What else can I say about Jeremy? Well he's such a breath of fresh air. With one phone call we had the other day, he got me so motivated and excited about my career all over again like it was my very first day!! I want to give a huge Thank You to Jeremy 'Jmiah' Williamson, for being such an Amazing Photographer! He made it so much fun and put me at ease taking pictures, while also pointing out different business ideas that I could focus on to help in my own business career! He’s such a fun person that makes you laugh and actually UNDERSTAND why you do the shots that you will do.”

Christie Pirtle

Real Estate Agent

“He’s such a fun person that makes you laugh and actually helps you UNDERSTAND why you do the shots that you will do.”

Brandi Oliver

Real Estate Agent

“Jeremy instantly made me feel comfortable for my photos. They will now show my personality in all my advertisements and social media. He didn't just take boring head shots, but very creative shots with props and gave me great ideas for self promotion! He's knowledge of personal branding was very apparent and encouraging!”

Dustin Cronhardt

Real Estate Agent


“Jmiah has really helped me to stay focused even when things get tough.  His journey is not a quick fix, but a process of establishing a lifestyle of hope and strength. I have a whole different mentality after coming on board with him."

Carson Maneval


"When it comes to working with Jmiah, know that you are going to walk away feeling great & motivated! He takes the time to listen and then puts his passion into your project."

Carrel Davis

Music Producer, Programmer, Songwriter

"Jmiah absolutely encourages me daily! He is one of the faces that got me across that finish line on my first half marathon. (I was really struggling and I didn't know why. I had no idea that I was having gallbladder attacks). I'm very thankful for you, Jmiah."

Missy McBride Todd

“Jeremy's coaching is invaluable to always feeling hopeful, energized, motivated and ready to face anything.


Jeremy works with people on all levels. He delivers his brand's message, because he understands people by establishing meaningful, long-term working relationships with clients and always seeks their benefit.


His compassion, genuineness, support, creative thinking, intuition and positive attitude gives you that 'best friends for years' feeling.


Jeremy has an amazing ability to listen carefully, provide suggestions, and give accountability to keep me focused on what's important in my life, at the moment. He's always relevant & effective teaching what my career & brand need for the next level.


I can unleash my true potential from a good coach, and coaches do that from the sidelines, while we're on the field. Jeremy won't get you where you want to be, but can help you get there yourself. I've become a better person, every day, from it.”

Heather Stephenson


"Dear Jeremy,

I would like to thank you for your time and effort in making the 2013 Freshman 101 Forum a success. From ALL indications, the forum was well received and will help shape the future of GRU students. Your effort was vital in the outcome of this year's program.


Roman M. Cibirka, DDS, MS

Vice Provost (2013), Georgia Regents University

“There is nothing in this world like raw talent, creativity, experience, a deep knowledge of the industry, and a soul that has been tempered and nurtured by God to make the person that Jeremy is and all that he brings to the table with what he does!

This guy is phenomenal and spot on!! If you want results, and I mean results that equate into $$$ (cha-Ching!), he is the one to get you there.

PS) his classy good looks are just a small sample of his class he good-looking style that he brings to the work that he does!”

Cathie Richards

#10 TOP Real Estate Agent in the state of Georgia

"As a child, you always hear, 'you can be whatever you want'. Ironically, as an adult you hear quite the opposite.


Being coached intermittently over the past fourteen years by Jeremy,  I can say he is one person that I can say that not only lives the fact that you CAN achieve your goals, but also helps others realize they can as well.


He will encourage, and empower,  but with the truth, whether you want to hear it or not without any judgment.


I leave our conversations not only inspired, but motivated in a clear direction."

Michelle Lynn Rutter

"After having a business coaching session with Jeremy, I am so impressed! He helped me to make my vision on where I want to go next clear. I feel motivated and ready to take that next step. I am so glad I did this! Ready for my next session!"

Angie Cushman


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